Last week I wrote about using assessments to help you create new ways to both think and talk about yourself. This week I’m writing about a different type of talk.

Silence the naysayers!

This week, I’m writing about something even more important. Shutting down the naysayers. You know who I’m talking about, those people who are always questioning what you’re doing. Sometimes they’re obvious: “You’re doing what? Why on earth would you leave your job for that!” And sometimes, not so much. “Oh, that’s nice. I wish I were that brave.” The subtext for this one is that you’re taking a needless risk. Then there’s the “Are you sure you’re up for that new job/ promotion/ advanced degree? You’re just so busy/ tired/ responsible for so much!”

Of course you’re ready. You went out and found that new opportunity. And then you closed the deal. Some people just have problems with people who are (a) self-confident enough to go after an opportunity they really want and (b) who can close the deal and take advantage of that opportunity. So don’t listen to them. Answer with a deliberately upbeat “I just cannot wait to get started on my new adventure.” Then walk away. Walk. Away. These are not people you need to spend any time with. Instead find people who build you up and support you.

Get that negative voice out of your head, too!

Then there’s this. The most deadly voice – the one your head. I know I have one. It pops up when I’m in the middle of a call with a client, or I’m writing a blog post, or creating a new marketing program. And that voice says over and over again, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Do you really want to do that now? What will happen if this doesn’t work? Are you crazy?”

Right? I know you’re nodding. So how do you squelch your own negative thoughts? It’s not easy. It takes practice – all day every day. Every time it happens. You basically treat the voice in your head like it’s one of the naysayers – you walk away from it.

You’ve got this!

You say to yourself, “I know what I’m doing and I’m going to do it.” Then say, “I can handle whatever consequences come up from doing this – good and bad!” And then there’s my most used phrase “Hush, Becky. You’ve got this.” (I don’t say hush.)

Then repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Til it sinks into your brain that you can indeed do this. That you can deal with whatever consequences follow. Because you can. I know you can. You know you can.

Now, go do it!

So silence the naysayers and go do it. Now. Go out and do your ferocious work.

Watch. Read. Learn.



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