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Why Choose Me?

Because I Get You.

Becky Berry

Becky Berry

What I believe.

Life is too short to ever settle on being less than your most powerful self at work.

What I do.

I coach women who are determined to have an impact through their work. Doesn’t matter if they’re 23 or 55, women come to me to figure out and hone their leadership. They come to squelch the noise in their head that says women have to do more and be smaller to get ahead.


I provide something that goes beyond support – I provide a framework and a safe space for women to claim the potential that they’re afraid to admit that they have.

My coaching strategies encompass everything from developing and sharing each client’s unique story to identifying the work they’re ready to do. We uncover new ways to see and describe themselves and the power of their work. And we develop the language that fully conveys that power.

Why me?

My background is career change. Coaching is my 7th career. I’ve published magazines, owned a software company, spent 12 years as a stay-at-home mom, created programs for non-profits, and taught special education. I know how to champion women as they dare to imagine a more powerful worklife and a more powerful voice.

Using my WindowShop Your Way to Work™ strategy, you’ll learn how to own your value (and talk about it fluently) and sell that value to prospective employers.

Who comes to me for coaching?

Women who are ready to invest in coaching because they know their potential and want to move smarter and faster. Women who know that having a coach gives them an edge on the competition.

My specialty is creating outside-the-box strategies for helping clients jump their internal roadblocks to move forward. So, many clients come to me to learn how to re-frame their so-called problem traits—like ADD and dyslexia—into the powerful advantages they really are.

My qualifications

I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education with an emphasis on ADD – that means I geek out on how our brains work and how behavior can be shaped. I’m also a Certified Professional Career Coach.

And, as I mentioned before, I’ve had numerous careers. I have a depth and breadth of knowledge about work and people and putting the two together that few can match.

This Right Here

But here’s why I’m really qualified to help you. I get you. I get people. All kinds, sizes, and flavors of people. Crowds of people, or one-on-one. I get people because I love people.

Are you ready to shift your perspective and claim your right to bring all of you to work?

Of course you are! Let’s do it.

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“I like your positivity and that there are no obstacles. You find a way over it, around it, or through it. You never let me say ‘this is never going to happen.'” – Lesa Weaver

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