From My Clients

Her wisdom helps me make better decisions; choose mindsets that serve me, and reconnect to my most confident self. I’ve called her the ace in my back pocket on more than one occasion. Any leader would benefit from her executive coaching.

– Stefanie Diaz

I credit you for helping me soul-search and realizing that I wouldn’t be satisfied until I met my own criteria for happiness in a job… [I have] memories of our time spent together, your generosity, honesty and truth. I wanted to thank you for helping me get my head and heart aligned so that I was able to seek the job I needed to complete my goal… So there, you can add another notch to your belt 😉 I’m a success story and sometimes things surprise you and bloom later than anticipated, after you start questioning yourself, but before you give up completely.

– Kathy Shields

I like your positivity and that there are no obstacles. You find a way over it, around it, or through it. You never let me say ‘this is never going to happen.’

– Lesa Weaver

Becky encouraged me to acknowledge and promote my skills at the senior leadership and strategy levels and motivated me to shoot further than I thought I could. Becky also has that unique balance of being genuinely caring and understanding of her clients and also telling you to buck up and do the work! 

– Lauren Highfill Williams

Becky Berry and I presented together at General Assembly – Atlanta campus on a project for Communicating with Becky was a delight and planning the program was a seamless process. During our presentation, Becky connected with the audience in a compelling way keeping their attention through the lecture and breakout sessions of the workshop. Becky’s experience helping professional women break out and get started is what she is best known for, and her passion is evident in every conversation with her.

– Jacqueline Twillie

Speaking Event Attendee

I thought you would like to know – I’m in a 3 day training on confidence building, leadership, communication, and visualization skills. Everything they are talking about, all I can think is I remember that from Becky! Or, I already learned this in career coaching! I’m way ahead of the game from working with you!

– Haley Quintana

Becky, the atmosphere you create is pure magic. I felt it enhanced and electrified by your passion for what you do and your ability to instantly link in to each individual’s strengths and needs and feelings. You gently but powerfully nudge and pull out what’s best in each of us, help us to own it and nurture it, and then be our best celebrator and cheerleader. You don’t let us slide, ever, but call us back to the path in such an empowering way. You are a gifted mentor and coach. I am better on every front for meeting you and having this experience.

Bootcamp Attendee

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