Praise - Becky Berry Career Coaching

What My Amazing Clients are Saying

“When I first came to Becky, I was overwhelmed with my work situation, and discouraged. After talking with her, and listening to her perspective on how I could re-establish my career, it felt like a weight had been lifted – after just the first meeting. She has an uncanny ability to identify and support personality traits and characteristics, and guide people to careers that will utilize these gifts.

She affirmed my abilities and challenged me to go and follow after my life-long goals. She has the gift of affirmation, which is crucial. Her quick wit and problem-solving strategies are refreshing and welcome. I feel empowered to begin a successful and challenging career change. Having her in my life has brought energy and excitement to my career search.”

– Cathy

“Becky’s coaching goes beyond identifying one opportunity–it encourages you to reach outside your comfort zone and elevate your career to a level you may not have thought possible or attainable.”

– Susan Robertson Hawkins

“Through my work with Becky, I had the confidence to ask for a sizable compensation adjustment and be confident in my worth. Becky is direct and effective; she does not tolerate small minded thinking. Come ready to work, ready to believe in yourself, and ready to up-level your career.

– Bethany Puetz

“Becky and I presented together at General Assembly – Atlanta campus. Communicating with Becky was a delight and planning the program was a seamless process. During our presentation, Becky connected with the audience in a compelling way keeping their attention through the lecture and breakout sessions of the workshop. Becky’s experience helping professional women break out and get started is what she is best known for, and her passion is evident in every conversation with her.

– Jacqueline Twillie

Becky encouraged me to acknowledge and promote my skills at the senior leadership and strategy levels and motivated me to shoot further than I thought I could. Becky also has that unique balance of being genuinely caring and understanding of her clients and also telling you to buck up and do the work!”

– Lauren Highfill Williams

Becky’s wisdom helps me make better decisions; choose mindsets that serve me, and reconnect to my most confident self. I’ve called her the ace in my back pocket on more than one occasion. Any leader would benefit from her executive coaching.”

– Stefanie Diaz

“Becky is one of the most determined people that I have met, and her work ethic and extreme desire to help truly shows in the results that she provides in a short amount of time. Her diversity in career paths leading to this point would already make her extremely good at this job. Having met countless people and experienced so many different work environments in the past, she has a vast wealth of knowledge to draw from. Her insistence on perfection on top of her past experience is what truly makes Becky a great career coach and mentor to have.”

– William Horton