What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What does it even take to move into that space? How could you start? What if you start by spending some time thinking about your dream career? Next, think about your passion and your skills and give yourself permission to explore what it would look like to combine them in your dream career. You could even jot down some notes.

Embrace the possibilities!

Suppose you decide to embrace the possibilities and take a few steps toward that career.  Picture yourself on your laptop or mobile, searching that job. How would that feel? I’ll bet it would feel good. And scary. It’s okay that it’s scary because you cannot fail. Close your eyes and picture the search results coming up on the screen – all those possibilities lined up right in front of your eyes.  I get chills just thinking about it.

Go ahead, try it! Get some search results in front of you. Then take the next tiny step. Click on one. Read it.  Take some notes. Write down what you like about the job. After that, write down what you don’t like. Match what they’re looking for to your skills. Look the job title up on LinkedIn and Glassdoor and take some notes. Then do it again with another job. How does it feel? Are you getting excited?

Are you finding differences in the job descriptions among companies? Do you feel like you are a better match for one job or company over another? Don’t forget that you can research the companies on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, too!

Create a mental picture of your dream job.

Keep exploring. Create a mental picture of your dream job and company based on your research then write it down – creating your own job description. Have you found some interesting companies to look at? How do you feel about what you have learned? Do you have new insights? Jot them down.

Write a cover letter.

Then, just for practice and to see how it feels, write a cover letter to one of the companies. Tell them about your passion for the job. Tell them that this is your dream job.  Talk about why you want to work for them and why no other company will do. Match your mission to theirs.  Talk about how your skills/experience match up to the job specs.

Do not worry if you don’t match 100%.  50% is enough!!  You’ll need to quiet the chorus in your head that’s saying “I’m not a perfect match” to do this part. Trust me, 50% is enough (that’s a post for another day).

Next, read the letter out loud and see how it feels to say out loud how much you want that job.

Write a résumé for your dream job!

Finally, write a résumé for the job – just to check how close you are to being ready to apply for your dream job. Use it to create a plan to keep moving towards it.

If you are ready (50% gets you there), go for it. Spend some time exploring if you know anybody at the company, or if you know somebody who knows somebody (also known as checking your network on LinkedIn). Apply. Assume you cannot fail.

Keep moving forward!

If you’re not ready yet, keep moving forward by using the job description and you created to make a plan to move forward.

What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?