I wish! But I do have a quick start trick to get to know clients fast. Assessments – because they give me insights into new clients and they help clients get a fresh look at themselves and their careers.

My Uniquely Brilliant podcast co-host, Diana Bader, says

“I love assessments, whether they are backed by years of scientific research or some random quiz that pops up on my Facebook page. They all reveal something about us and who we are in the world. Sometimes they validate what we already know about ourselves, but more often they give us a new perspective, new language, or new insight so we can become an even better version of ourselves.”

Are you scared that what you find out through assessment it will define you? It doesn’t have to. Instead it can be another tool to help you figure out who you are and how to describe yourself. It can be the first step in developing your professional voice.

It’s critical to your success

Learning how to talk and write about yourself is a major component of career success. It’s important to be able to describe yourself accurately using unique descriptors so you stand out from all the “punctual, self-motivated, team players” out there. Perhaps, like my client, Daniel, you are a cutting-edge thinker – always a step ahead of everyone else. Or maybe you’re like my client, Will, who is a nimble thinker. Don’t those descriptions instantly give you a picture of how they work?

Where did the descriptions come from? My favorite get-to-know-you-quickly tool – the Fascination Advantage Assessment. It gave both men a new language to talk about who they are and how they move through the world. Once they claimed this new language they were able to create new ways to connect with people – and not just potential employers.

What’s Your Pitch?

Assessments can also help when you’re stuck trying to describe yourself. Maybe you’re writing your LinkedIn summary, or creating your pitch, or writing a cover letter and you just can’t quite figure out how to describe yourself in a way that connects with your Target. You could take any of several free online assessments like and use insights from them to create a new way to describe yourself. I’ve included links to several assessments below. Give them a try and see what you find out about you.

If you’re ready to take action to gain a new perspective on your career, click here to schedule a strategy call with me.

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