Fine tune your approach at work

We all need to perform tune-ups on our careers on a regular basis. Since tune-ups are preventative, fine tuning our approach to presenting ourselves at work and at school helps us avoid major pitfalls like staying in the wrong job, going after the wrong job, or letting a bad or uncomfortable situation that is fixable go on too long. Performing tune-ups let us line up our intentions and actions so they reflect us in the best way possible.

To perform a tune-up, we have to assess where we are, look at where we want to be, and tweak our approach so we can get there.

Here’s how my 7 Step Tune-up Technique works.

• Invest the time to reflect on the following questions and statements.
• Answer the questions and statements honestly – you are only responsible to yourself on these answers.
• Use the information to tune up your actions so they reflect your intentions as you move toward your next goal.

The 7 Step Tune-up Technique:

1. Explain what you are looking for in your current or future career.
2. Accurately describe how you can and do contribute at work or at school.
3. Describe how people see you at work or at school.
4. Establish the #1 thing people at school or work don’t understand about you.
5. Work out how to help people understand you better.
6. Decide if you know how to ask for help appropriately.
7. Determine how to present your best self at work or at school.


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