Lately, I’ve had a lot of conversations with women, including my clients, who feel unseen and unheard. They worry that things will never get better – for them or for the world in general.

I see them, I feel them, and I see you.

I see you – working for a misogynistic man and system, determined to do your best work regardless of the disrespect, implied privilege, and pettiness of that environment.

You’re looking for a job that inspires you, that relishes who you are and what you bring to the table, and celebrates both.

I see you – ready to promote a job candidate who doesn’t quite meet the requirements of the job but has the skills and drive needed to be successful and you’re blocked by the patriarchal systems that say “if they don’t match our qualifications that result from unacknowledged privilege, they’re not ready.”

You’re ready to find a company that truly understands the words equity and inclusion and does whatever it takes to deliver both.

I see you – ready to move up to the next level and finding yourself stuck because the people who decide don’t have the breadth of experience or the imagination to see that you have every single thing you need to do this work in ways they could never have imagined.

You’re ready to prove that those 15 years of experience in another industry makes you uniquely suited to deliver unexpectedly delightful results wherever you go.

I see you – ignored in meetings, talked about behind your back, and held back because you don’t look like everyone else. And you still do your best work every day, knowing in your heart of hearts that the world is changing and you’ll be ready when it’s your turn.

You’re ready to be included in every sense of the word. Ready to be appreciated and celebrated for the unique perspective and powerful skills you bring to everything you do.

I see you – the victim of a system that rewards mediocrity while pushing for excellence. A system that says only a handful of people are exceptional, while expecting exceptional work from everyone – and you deliver that work every day.

You’re searching for an opportunity to be recognized for the excellent work you do. You want to be acknowledged for your dedication to advancing your knowledge and skills.

I see you – ready to speak up. Ready to step up. Ready to take the helm and change business and the world in ways others have only dreamt of.

I’m here for you. All of you. I’m determined that you can speak up, be rewarded for exceptional work, rise to the next level, and be cherished and appreciated for all of the things that make you you.

Never settle is the beginning. Trusting yourself and finding the people who will help you magnify your power is the middle. All along the way you will have the opportunity to live out your best self every day and everywhere in a journey that only gets better with age.

Never settle,