Tell the Right Story: Get the Right Job

Executive Résumé Crash Course

When you tell the right story, you get the right job.

Develop confidence in your skills and everything that makes you, you.

Problem: How to avoid ending up in the wrong company doing the same old work with no chance of advancement?

Solution: Develop confidence in both your skills –and- everything that makes you, you.

Here’s How:

  • Attend the Tell the Right Story/Get the Right job Crash Course
  • Position yourself for the role you want – not the ones you’ve already had.
  • Create your story – the right one
  • Own your story
  • Tell your story – LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, networking (even virtually)


  • Confidence that you can handle what’s next, regardless of how big the role feels.
  • Marketing materials that tell the full, powerful story of you at work.

Create your story

Align your head and your heart to find the job that allows you to complete your goal.

Discover the answers to questions like…
What’s your favorite work?
What’s your best work?
What are your favorite skills?

Own your story.

Practice communicating your story through mock interviews

Tell your story

Identify jobs you love

How to deploy your story to get the jobs

Optimize your LinkedIn profile, résumés and cover letters

“I like your positivity and that there are no obstacles. You find a way over it, around it, or through it. You never let me say ‘this is never going to happen.’”

– Lesa Weaver
“She affirmed my abilities and challenged me to go and follow after my life-long goals. She has the gift of affirmation, which is crucial. Her quick wit and problem-solving strategies are refreshing and welcome. I feel empowered to begin a successful and challenging career change.”

– Cathy
“One day with Becky proved to be an essential step for me finding how to market myself. Working with Becky helped me find a clear vision of who I am and what I want to do.”

– Will
“Working with Becky was very empowering and a great experience. First, she helped me identify my strengths (and weaknesses), as well as what kinds of things “worked” for me at a job, which was really useful when I was determining the kinds of positions I wanted to apply for. Identifying my strengths also helped me feel more confident, which I definitely needed.

– Nissa Mai

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