The concept of there is enough is the sweet spot that lies between a more mentality and a lack mentality. Both mentalities are rooted in the idea of scarcity – that’s there’s just not enough stuff to go around.

At any given moment in our lives, when we choose to believe that there is enough; that we’re enough, we step into a new level of power. We stop searching around to see what’s missing and our eyes are opened to the resources and gifts that are right in front of us.

In Episode 55 of our Uniquely Brilliant podcast, Diana and I talk about the power of acknowledging that there is enough of everything we need, including enough of us.

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My prayer

I have a prayer that I say every morning – ok, most mornings:

“Please keep my eyes, ears, heart and mind open to what’s out there for me today.”

The act of saying this out loud, or even muttering it under my breath, says to the universe that I realize that everything I need for today is going to be out there. It also says that I’m open to receiving. I’m open because I believe there is enough. Wow, amazing things happen on those days!

Listen, my absolute belief that there’s always enough did not come to me easily. It has taken close to 20 years of practice to own it. And I do mean practice. When I find myself doubting that I can make my Women’s Tech Conservatory work, I have to immediately switch gears and say to myself “I have everything I need for this to work.”

Change gears

Just the act of changing gears immediately triggers an opening in my brain, in my thought process. And those ideas that are floating out there in the universe are drawn to the opening like a magnet. Since I’ve deliberately opened my mind to guidance, I can both recognize the idea when it appears and act on it.

For example, recently I came up with a new strategy to help my clients figure out what type of jobs they really want. It’s even a hands-on exercise. I had been wrestling with this problem for a while. None of the strategies I had read about were powerful enough.

So, as I’m meeting with a client one day, the strategy just came to me. Boom. We were talking about figuring out what jobs she might be interested in and I found myself studying her stunning hand drawn and illustrated calendar that she’d created in her Moleskin notebook and the strategy appeared like magic. Or, maybe it appeared like intention.

Gratitude = There is enough.

When we dwell in the belief that there’s enough we see the positive things that are going on around us. Unfortunately, when we’re stuck in the belief that there’s not enough time, money, us, we miss those things. We stay in a negative place. I’ll bet you know what’s coming next.

The belief that there is enough can only be accessed when we are grateful for what we have. When we recognize and acknowledge the wonderful things that are in our world, we begin to see that there could really be enough – right here, right now.

Some people might thing that believing there is enough is settling. I don’t think so. To me, settling implies a passive state where things are out of your control – you’re just waiting.

Instead, believing there is enough requires active measures. It takes energy and strength of mind to identify what’s going right, to recognize the gifts that are right in front of us, to realize that when we’re focused on this moment and nothing else, there is enough of everything – including time.

When we recognize that there is enough, we suddenly realize that we don’t have to have all of the answers. How can that happen? If there truly is enough of everything, the answers will come to us in their own time.

The coolest thing

And, here’s the really cool thing. When we truly, deeply believe that there is enough, we attract more. I believe we attract more because believing there is enough means we’re on solid ground. When we say to ourselves, “I have enough, I am enough, there is enough,” we’re saying that we trust ourselves and we trust the universe. Which makes enough the ultimate launching place.

Live ferociously!


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