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Crash Course in Resume Building

Tell the Right Story: Get the Right Job

When you tell the right story, you get the right job.

4-hour Crash Course in Résumé Building

Coming Summer/Fall 2021


Problem: How to avoid ending up in the wrong company doing the same old work with no chance of advancement?

Solution: Develop confidence in both your skills –and- everything that makes you, you.

Here’s How:

  • Attend the Tell the Right Story/Get the Right job Crash Course
  • Position yourself for the role you want – not the ones you’ve already had.
  • Create your story – the right one
  • Own your story
  • Tell your story – LinkedIn, resumes, cover letters, networking (even virtually)


  • Confidence that you can handle what’s next, regardless of how big the role feels.
  • Marketing materials that tell the full, powerful story of you at work.

Résumé Building Crash Course Outline:

  • Discover Your Story
    • Align your head and your heart to find the job that allows you to complete your goal.
    • What’s your favorite work?
    • What’s your best work?
    • What are your favorite skills?
  • Tell Your Story
    • Identify jobs you love
    • How to deploy your story to get the jobs
    • LinkedIn, résumés and cover letters