In honor of my birthday weekend (it’s May!) I’m sharing what has become one of my favorite episodes of Uniquely Brilliant (my podcast). Back in March our sister coach and friend, Tonya Harvey, joined Diana Bader (podcast co-host) and me for a unique episode of our podcast, Uniquely Brilliant. We simulcast the episode (number 118) on Facebook Live.

Every time I click on the video, I crack up. You’ll see why. I’m sharing it with you today because in the last couple of days I’ve been surrounded and celebrated by the friends that keep me going – and sane. Diana and Tonya are two of those friends. You know the kind of friends I’m talking about. The ones that will listen to you kvetch about the 10 pounds you’ve gained while you’re gorging on a gigantic slice of chocolate cake. And they only roll their eyes a couple of times.

That’s what friends are for

In the video (here’s the audio version) we talk about how I gave Diana (a noted introvert) 90 minutes notice that we were doing the podcast live on Facebook – and she showed up anyway.  See what I mean? The best kind of friend. We also give a little background on where we are now and how we got here. We share our word-for-the-year (wonder-Diana, allow-Tonya, and steady-me) and let that topic take us wherever it wanted.

Among other places, it led us to a discussion of how our word-of-the-year keep us anchored and serve as boundaries and guideposts as we navigate our very messy lives. We also realized that our words help us manage expectation creep – you know – when all of the sudden you realize every sentence that you’re thinking starts with I should do this. And, at the end, we realize that our secret to surviving whatever is going on in our lives is knowing when to surf.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it.!

PS – If you watch the video, check out the ambiance (ie bath towels to muffle sounds and our tower of encyclopedias pop screen holder) of the studio and our happy feet!


Podcast episode (audio)

Facebook Live (video)