If you don’t show up, it can’t happen. Yep. I know. You’ve heard this before. You’ve heard it before because it’s true.

Here’s how I’m watching this idea play out right now. My coaches (yes, it takes more than one to keep me on track) keep asking me where my people (aka potential followers/clients) gather. And my answer is always, “They don’t.” Because we don’t gather together in groups anymore, do we? Sure, we may connect on Facebook, but that’s virtual, not face-to-face. It seems that once we reach a certain age, we don’t really gather at one physical location on a regular basis any more.

Where do you connect?

I’ve been talking with a new friend at my co-working space. She’s definitely one of my peeps – a woman in transition, figuring out what’s next – and we got to talking. She shared that she’s having a hard time creating new friendships for this time in her life. She couldn’t find anywhere to connect with other women like her. I kept thinking about her story and the stories of my clients and friends who are in the same boat.

So, I decided to show up for these women and create a place for women of a certain age and experience to gather for community and support. How did I do it? I created a group for women in transition, called Next Chapter for Women. For once I didn’t dither around, putting it off forever. I got on Meetup, created the group, and had my co-working friend (who is a marketing genius) help me write the copy to describe the group.

And we have 81 members in two months! But here’s the really cool thing, women drive from 20 and 25 miles away (in Atlanta traffic) to attend our meetings. You might wonder if those women are friends or acquaintances. Nope. They’re strangers who wanted to not be strangers any more. And they keep showing up.

Show up and connect

What happens when these women take a risk on a new event where they don’t know anyone and just show up? They meet other women like themselves – women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who are going through huge life transitions – death, divorce, empty nests, new careers, retirement. And every one of these women longs for a community of other women.

It’s the coolest thing ever. These strangers meet, introduce themselves, and connect at a deep level. We even have members who don’t like groups! Guess what, once they show up at our group, they find the courage to show up at other groups. Showing up, taking a risk, meeting new people makes it possible for you to grow in new ways. When you open yourself to new experiences, you create new opportunities for yourself and you attract new people.

Take a risk and show up!

So, people, take a risk! Make a commitment. Show up. At that work meeting, at that networking event, at that dinner, that club meeting, that church group, that class you’ve always wanted to take. Take the first step and show up. Make a connection. Then show up again. And then say “Well, I’ve already shown up twice, I might as well show up again.”

When you show up, you create space where good things can happen.

Just show up.

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