This week my inbox has been awash in emails reminding me that the New Year is here and I need to get ready. It’s loaded with advice about creating the best resolutions, writing goals that work and on and on and on. Ugh. Enough already.

Instead of another post about resolutions and goals, I would like to offer you my wishes for you in 2018 and every year.

I wish you peace. The peace that comes from knowing that you are a part of a universe that wants you to be you. A universe that will reward you for living into yourself.

I wish you comfort. The comfort of friends who, whether you realize it or not, are there for you when you need them. I wish for you the ability to ask them for help when you need it. It’s a privilege to be asked to comfort someone in a time of need. Extend the privilege.

I wish you contentment. Many years ago, the priest at the Episcopal church I attended had this quote on his business cards: “God help me want what I have. I have enough.” You do have enough. I have enough. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have enough so that I can figure out how to change my thinking to demonstrate that fact. Oh, and to remember that I am enough. Today, right now, I am enough – and you are, too.

I wish you hope. Hope is one of my three favorite words. Hope gets me up in the mornings. Hope keeps me going when it feels like my world is imploding. Hope guides my work – the belief that I can make a difference in the lives of the people who come to me for coaching.

I wish you love. The love of your family. The love of your friends. The love of your pets. I hope that you love your life.

But most of all, I wish you joy. Moments of joy. Sparks of joy. Days of joy. Those moments of joy will carry you through the darkest days. They will carry you through times of frustration and chaos. Be open to the joy – the joy of a silly joke, a favorite song, a cherished memory, an unexpected snowfall, a phone call to a friend. Joy is all around us. I wish you joy.




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