Use Your Words Workshop

You can’t use your words until you find them.

In this 4-hour workshop, we’ll unearth and celebrate the powerful, inspirational words (and phrases) you need to describe the impact of you and your work to the world.

It’s Magic!

This is how I use my personal gift, I empower women to shift from feeling powerless and without agency at work into women who own their impact and the impact of their work and can talk fluently, without hesitation, about both.

What’s my magic? Helping women find the words that accurately describe their impact on their work world. Actually, it’s more than finding their words; it’s about owning the power of those words.

The words in the image above? Every single one of them is from a résumé, cover letter, or LinkedIn About of a client. And I promise you, they weren’t using those words when they came to me.

They’re the words I used to describe these women to themselves. And, gradually, they began to see it and believe it.

Women Empower Women

As fabulous as I am at helping you find your words, it’s even more powerful to do this in a small (max 6), carefully curated group of women.

It’s true, women do empower women, and that’s what will unfold in Use Your Words.

Rebuild Your Confidence

In this 4-hour (2 hours on 2 evenings) workshop, you’ll experience the power of the group and of  words to rebuild your confidence, own your impact, and describe the impact of your work. In our group, you’ll find the encouragement, support, and courage you need to claim and own those words.

Once you’ve claimed them, there’s no going back. The power of your words will resonate deep in your heart, your mind, your body, and your soul.  They will also resonate in your résumé, your LinkedIn profile, and your interviews.


Dates: Tuesday February 6th and Thursday February 8th, 2024 from 6:30pm til 8:30pm.

Size: The group is limited to 6 women.

Location: MAD! Workspace for Women 310 Maxwell Road Suite 300 Alpharetta GA 30009

Being in the group was like having an empowering mirror held up to me. It was a version of me that I had been afraid to look at, and, honestly, wouldn’t have believed anyway. Sharing time with women who seemed so put together and finding out we had so much in common was reassuring. I realized I wasn’t alone. I started embracing more opportunities during my work day and finally owned the fact that I’m a leader.  – Valorie Rivero

The Value

In Person. 6 Women. 2 Sessions.

4 hours that will change how you look at and talk about your career forever.

Your investment: $1500.00

Don’t try this at home.

You know this, right? You know this is impossible to do on your own. So don’t! Each member of your group is vetted by me to optimize the experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the button to request a call with me to learn more about the workshop. Write Use Your Words Workshop in the message section along with your request to set up a call. Also, please connect with me on LinkedIn and explore my profile and send me your résumé before our call.
  • Upon acceptance, we’ll schedule a second, 30-minute call so I can learn more about you and what you want to get out of the workshop. There will be a couple of short assignments for you to complete in preparation for this call.
  • Both evenings begin with a mindfulness exercise to bring us into the present moment.
  • Over the 2 evenings, we’ll use my proven strategies to explore who you are, how you work, and how you want to move forward.
  • You will experience a new sense of confidence in yourself and your work, acquire powerful new ways to talk about your impact at work, and use these to create a new headline and About section for your LinkedIn profile.

I’m going to say this again: Once you’ve learned how to use your words, there’s no going back. The power of your words will resonate deep within your heart, mind, body, and soul.


  • Since this is an intensive experience that depends on participation, attendance is mandatory.
  • All meetings are in person, no makeups.
  • You must be willing to be vulnerable and accept help and feedback.

Dates and Times for Bootcamp

  • Tuesday February 6th 2024   6:30pm – 8:30pm
  • Thursday February 8th 2024   6:30pm – 8:30pm


MAD! Workspace

310 Maxwell Road
Suite 300
Alpharetta GA 30009