Career Bootcamp for Teachers

Teaching has eroded your confidence. Get it back at Bootcamp.

It’s true, isn’t it? Teaching has eroded your confidence. You can’t even believe that there’s a next career for you.

I get it.

It’s crazy out there. Crazy and unpredictable and you can’t figure out where to even start looking for a new job. Before you look for that job, you need to know what story to tell. You need to know how to tell your best story so you can get the right job for you.

So, how do you reclaim your confidence and move forward?

Come to Career Bootcamp for Teachers

and find both your story and your confidence. At Bootcamp we focus on one thing: Building confidence in who you are, your skills, and your abilities.

We trounce the idea that we’re not enough, that we don’t have the experience. And we do this as a group – so you don’t have to face this radical truth telling on your own.

This bootcamp is not a prescription for how to find the next job – check some boxes, take some assessments, and there’s your answer.

Career Bootcamp for Teachers is where you excavate your confidence, the power of your work story, own it, and learn how to deploy it to find new opportunities.

Career Bootcamp for Teachers is

  • Supportive
  • Nurturing
  • Powerful
  • Small group (maximum 6 women)
  • In person
  • Teachers only
  • Women only.

In this 4-session intensive Bootcamp, we will

  • Figure out who you are (because you’ve forgotten how amazing you are).
  • Define your ideal work environment.
  • Windowshop for jobs.
  • Develop a fresh understanding of your value at work
  • Position you for new opportunities.
  • Develop a new résumé and a starter LinkedIn profile.
  • Learn LinkedIn résumé strategies and tactics.
  • Talk about interview questions and strategies.

It’s all at Career Bootcamp for Teachers.

  • Community
  • Small, vetted group (maximum 6)
  • 4 sessions of  4-hour meetings (9am – 1pm)
  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 coaching with me
  • 50% hands-on and 50% coaching
  • LinkedIn and résumé techniques and strategies

Being in the group was like having an empowering mirror held up to me. It was a version of me that I had been afraid to look at, and, honestly, wouldn’t have believed anyway. Sharing time with women who seemed so put together and finding out we had so much in common was reassuring. I realized I wasn’t alone. I started embracing more opportunities during my work day and finally owned the fact that I’m a leader.

– Valorie Rivero

The magic numbers.

6 Women. 4 Sessions. 17 hours to change your life and career.

Your investment: $850

Don’t try this at home.

You know this, right? You know this is impossible to do on your own. So don’t! Each member of your group is vetted by me to optimize the experience.

6 women. 17 hours (don’t forget that hour of 1-on-1 coaching with me!) of face-to-face work on the thing you’re the most scared of – what happens after you’re not teaching any more? Reclaim your confidence and your right to satisfying work with an experienced career coach for $850.00. Really, 17 hours of coaching for $850 is nuts. But you’ve been or are a teacher and you deserve a break!

You know you’re ready to figure out what’s next, so let’s go!


  • Since this is an intensive experience that depends on participation, attendance is mandatory.
  • All meetings are in person, no makeups.
  • You must be willing to be vulnerable and accept help and feedback.

Dates and Times for Bootcamp

  • Tuesday June 20th   9am – 1pm
  • Thursday June 22nd 9am – 1pm
  • Tuesday June 27th   9am – 1pm
  • Thursday June 29th  9am – 1pm


MAD! Workspace

310 Maxwell Road
Suite 300
Alpharetta GA 30009