How do I find a company where I’ll be a fit? I get this question all. the. time. Like every day. It’s a great question, no, it is the question that leads to great quests for just the right company to work for.

So how do you find that fit? You find a company that matches your mission and your values. Really, it’s that simple. The questions then become “How do I figure out my mission?” and “How do I figure out a company’s mission?”

What drives you?

First you have to know what drives you. That’s your mission, and it’s informed by your values. It’s about what how you want to add value to the world through your work.

Your Mission

Is your mission making people’s lives easier by writing a better app to help them find just the right restaurant? Is it writing articles to expose people to new ideas or things? Is it to keep the computers up and running so that businesses run smoothly and hire more people? Or, is your mission to teach the next generation of scientists?

Your Values

Do you want to work for a company that values diversity and equality? Do you want to be part of a company that gives back to the community on a regular basis? Do you want to be a part of a company that identifies and solves leading edge problems? Or, do you want to work for a company that helps people maintain optimal health?

What drives the company?

All of these questions speak to what drives you. They also speak to what drives companies. When I’m working with clients we use the answers as filters for looking at potential companies – before we look at whether they have job openings or not. So think of a company you want to work for and look them up online – don’t forget social media!! Find companies whose missions and values match yours. You can find articles online that rank companies by how their employees like to work there. Don’t worry about whether they have jobs posted or not, just learn what makes them tick and see if they are a match for you.

Matching Missions = Speaking the Same Language

Here’s the deal, when you take the time to understand what drives you at work (your mission + your values) and find a company that matches, your potential for finding a fit in that company explode! You will automatically know how to communicate in an interview, you’ll have better questions, you’ll be able to feel that match when you walk in the door. Why? Because you already speak the same language.

Are you ready to find that company and that job? If you’re serious about getting started and could use some coaching help, click here to apply for a strategy call with me. I have a few coaching openings available now.

Read. Learn.

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