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Where women claim the power of their work!

The Women's Tech Conservatory

Make tech work for you at work.

Feeling left behind in the job market?
Find it hard to believe tech can work for you?

You might be surprised!


Here’s the deal.

You have work and life experience, killer skills – yes, you do – and you yearn to learn new things. You want a career with growth potential. You want a career where you’re in the driver’s seat. The Women’s Tech Conservatory was created for women just like you.

In the Women’s Tech Conservatory program we
  • explore the latest in technology and how people use it at work,
  • learn the jargon that feels like a barrier to a new career,
  • hear from other women who use technology to power their careers,
  • explore potential careers, and
  • create a supportive community of women.

You also receive expert one-on-one career coaching as you explore a career path that works for you.

“I feel relevant. I understand conversations about technology that go on around me. A boulder has been lifted from my shoulders.” – Linda, current Conservatory member

The Tech Conservatory:

an exclusive, small group (6 or fewer women) career coaching experience for women who are ready to take control of their future. Cohorts meet face-to-face for 1-1/2 hours every week for 6 weeks. Each member of the cohort also receives one hour of one-on-one coaching with me.

Groups form on a regular basis. Daytime groups are available, as well as evening.

At the end of the cohort you will:
  • Understand how tech powers every job.
  • Possess a strategy for identifying what’s next for you.
  • Know how to network effectively.
  • Feel relevant and powerful again.
  • Have a community of supportive women cheering you on!

Most coaching programs like this cost thousands of dollars. Your investment in the Women’s Tech Conservatory is $497 (retail value $1500).

You receive:
  • 6 weeks of facilitated small group coaching (max 6 women).
  • Targeted projects to move you towards mastery of technology.
  • Access to the WindowShop Your Way to Work™ job search strategy.
  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching with me ($150 value).
  • A new community of ardent supporters!

Intrigued at the possibilities? Provide your contact information below, and I’ll get in touch so you can start moving along a new, empowering, path.

Becky Berry

A little about me. I’m Becky Berry, a career coach, Meetup group leader, and podcaster. I am dedicated to working with women whose lives are constantly evolving as they enter new phases of their lives at work and at home. My rich, varied – and crazy – experiences as a tech entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom (for 12 years), magazine publisher, convention organizer, and social entrepreneur give me unique insights into career change and all the stages of our lives as women. I also love technology. I particularly love helping other women love technology and claim its power to build their careers.

When you share your contact information with me, I’ll give you a call so we can chat about The Women’s Tech Conservatory and how it can work for you.

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